Braised Oxtails au Jus

Since we have recently begun eating just the meat, ma’am, we’ve decided we’d like to switch things up a little more than usual, just to keep it interesting. Plus, it’s always fun to try something new, and to learn as you go.

I’ve heard of oxtails. I’ve seen them in the store. But I had never tried either cooking or eating them, so when we saw them in the meat department we decided that would be our foodventure for the week. I started with a Paula Deen recipe, which I changed massively as I needed to exclude wine, onions, carrots, rice — you get the picture — because, well, they’re not meat. 🙂

Braised Oxtails au Jus

They came out pretty delicious…it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a cut of meat that’s full of fat and flavor…unless, of course you cook it at too high a temp and/or not for enough time! I seared the oxtails in my dutch oven, added beef broth, threw the lid on and cooked them in a 325 degree oven for a couple of hours.

Easy AND delicious!


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