Pork & Venison Sausage

We did our weekly grocery shopping trip yesterday after Brian got home from work and had a quick shower. I always plan something quick & easy for dinner, ’cause shopping (and getting it all put away) wears me out! I had planned to heat up some leftover sliced pork loin in the iron skillet with a little butter, but by the time we got home we were both drooling to try something new we found during our shopping adventures.


Kountry Boys Smoked Pork & Venison Sausage…We found it at Sam’s Club.

Shame on me for not getting a picture of it on the plate — I claim extreme hunger and fatigue as my defense. I promise to get a shot of it next time, ’cause there is more delicious conveniently located in the freezer. And delicious it was, served with another new find:

seikels ok gold mustard

Seikel’s Oklahoma Gold Mustard…which we found at Whole Foods.


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