Asian Braised Pork Belly

Asian Braised Pork Belly 100115

Last week I posted on some last-minute smoked pork chops we enjoyed after coming up short on all we needed to try a Crispy Asian Pork Belly recipe.

Still missing the rack that’s needed to roast it, we didn’t want to wait to try the pork belly. With Brian’s input, I used the basic flavor profile from that recipe, but braised the dish in my trusty dutch oven instead.

The flavor turned out pretty good, but the texture needs some work. The fat portion did not soften and break down as much as desired, which made it unpalatable to me — I just cut the meat off and ate that, which kind of defeats the purpose of selecting a high-fat meat! Brian ate some of the fat with the meat, but agreed that this one needs work.

I won’t post a recipe just yet until I get it tweaked to our liking…but keep an eye out for it!


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