Nutrition SOS


Help! We have been searching high and low trying to find someone who makes beef and chicken bouillon or base without sugar and loads of other crap. It seems impossible! We’ve tried local groceries and “health food” stores here in OKC — and have looked in other places we’ve lived as well.

Even online (and not initially looking at prices!) I’ve had absolutely no luck in finding a product that doesn’t include sugar, maltodextrin, MSG, and a variety of starches, vegetable oils, and other scary-sounding things. This includes the ones that bill themselves as “healthy,” “natural” and these days, of course, “gluten free.”

We were at the grocery store yesterday and decided to check out buying some bones to make our own broth. We didn’t see any out, but Brian asked someone in the meat department and he disappeared in the back to find out what they had and how much they cost. Turns out they are charging $2.99/pound for BEEF BONES!

So this is me, putting out the call to any and all who might know of any product that would fit the bill…and the bank account. We do still, after all, need to be able to afford the actual meat, too! If anyone has any suggestions, please comment away…


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