We’re from the future and we’re here to help!

When you’ve done a low carb high fat diet for a couple of years you begin to feel like Dr. McCoy in this scene from the fourth movie…

This exchange from the last presidential debate (which no, I didn’t watch, and no I will not tell you my political leanings) from Mike Huckabee is what occasioned this rant…

“Instead of cutting benefits for old people, cutting benefits for sick people — why don’t we say, ‘Let’s cure the four big cost-driving diseases … diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s?’ …

“You want to fix Medicare? Focus on the diseases that are costing us the trillions of dollars. …. Eradicate those and you fix Medicare and you’ve fixed America, its economy and you’ve made people’s lives a heck of a lot better.”

Except you know we definitely know how to fix obesity and diabetes, many now consider Alzheimer’s to be Type 3 Diabetes and many believe that a ketogenic diet can cure many types of cancer.

And in fact we’ve known a lot of this information for a pretty long time now.  And if you’ve read Gary Taubes book you know that every ten years or so, for about the last hundred years or so a doctor, typically a cardiologist stumbles onto the ketogenic diet and endorses it enthusiastically. (Every time I read his book I mean to make a comprehensive list of these Docs and then I get caught up in the book and forget, sigh)

So if we know the cure, and in fact have known the cure for several decades why are we still talking about finding a cure?

Oh right, never mind.

Palate cleanser/smile!


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