Monday Linkage & Stray Thoughts

Just saw this while enjoying my morning constitutional…


Hmmmm. Taubes said it would take twenty years from the publication of his book. How far in are we now?

Saw this on my Facebook timeline over the weekend: what do we call a thousand anecdotes? Key graph: “Despite objection from Andrew’s initial doctors, he chose to discontinue standard therapies pursuing instead an unconventional approach via nutrition.”

On this weekend’s comment kerfluffle: my blog my rules. Here’s what baffles me, I thought the meme in question was at very worst ‘cute.’ I assure you I am not trying to be offensive to sane people, so if you find yourself offended take the hint. Lots of fine blogs out there.

ever wondered why the ‘Dietary Guidelines For Americans’ is such a godawful mess? Wonder no more. I grew up in Chicago so believe when I tell you that I understand the problem right down to the ground.


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