How To Know You’re Doing Weight Loss Wrong…

If ever this headline were written of you, you would be doing weight loss wrong

Woman who lost 208LBS in 15 months by working out six times a week undergoes surgery to remove her excess skin and achieve the body she has always wanted

Remember: this is the ‘body she always wanted…’


‘There was nothing easy about this journey,’ she explained.  ‘It was very hard especially at first. My body ached from workouts and some days I didn’t think I would make it.

However her incredible weight loss left her with saggy excess skin that required three operations over eight months to remove.

The procedures included a tummy tuck, a Brazilian butt lift and removal of skin from her chest, back and arms.

Whereas I lay on a futon watching the x-files as weight just flowed off my body.  Though picking just the right crappy tv show for weight loss is critical!

‘I had to learn how to make my foods healthy. I never had a cheat meal or day for the first year and a half.  ‘I’m the only one in my family to eat healthy so I had to learn to be self-disciplined whenever we went out and they ate things.

Whereas, whilst laying on aforementioned futon and enjoying delightful X-Files silliness I stuffed my face with delicious Bacon and giant salads slathered with dressing, pork rinds, meat snacks and glorious, fatty repasts that made me swoon with pleasure.

This whole story just makes me weep for the ingrained and vicious stupidity of our modern medical profession. While I’m happy for the fact that she ultimately lost the weight is it not clear that starving people is not the way to go about weight loss?

I lost three hundred pounds* and have no extra skin, I experienced no particular discomfort during the process and instead of forcing myself to exercise before it was time, I waited, and suddenly I had energy.  I could barely sit still I felt so good.



If you had to choose a method to lose weight which one would you choose for someone you love?

The concentration camp or the Love Boat?

The truth is out there folks.

*I will put my story up soon.