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With Extra Crazy Sauce on the Side…

It is absolutely the right of these vegans to opt out of eating meat. (More meat for us!) Invading a private establishment to berate paying customers trying to enjoy a meal? Not so much…

I hate to be the bearer of unwelcome news, folks, but guess what’s good for cognitive function? MEAT and FAT.

Crazy sauce optional.

The good news for the patrons of that restaurant? They had nice juicy steaks with which to console themselves after their ordeal.


Just The Faintest Hint Of Veggie Fascism…

I know I recently posted on this lunatic but, this was too good to pass up. It’s been my experience that people with the truth on their side don’t feel a need to tell others how to live

Interviewed before her appointment by Viva!life, a magazine that campaigns for a vegan world, McCarthy said:

“Progress on animal welfare is being made at the EU level and I feel it is best left to those campaigning groups working there but in the end it comes down to not eating meat or dairy.

“I really believe that meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco with public campaigns to stop people eating it.”

McCarthy also said that in contrast to places like Latin America, in Europe “the constant challenging of the environmental impact of livestock farming is making me more and more militant.”

And just for the giggles…

 For her part, McCarthy has tried to calm disagreements. She recently told the BBC’s Farming Today:

“There will be different viewpoints, there will be violent disagreements, but it’s about trying to listen to the evidence, approach things with an open mind – and I am very much prepared to do that.”

Just one problem toots, the sane folks have been having this debate for the last, what? Fifty years? And you guys have taken the profoundly adult approach of sticking your fingers in your ears and shrieking ‘la-la-la’ at the top of your lungs.  Not to mention coming up with catchy catch phrases…


Well sure, that’s reasonable.  More reasonable debate here.

Let me make something perfectly clear, if you choose to believe that eating meat is bad, fine. I happen to think you’re an idiot who is most likely incapable of rational thought, but I won’t use the power of government to shut you down. In fact I wish it were possible to have the debate Miss Mccarthy claims to want, unfortunately you can’t reason with someone who wasn’t reasoned into their position.

The truth is Veganism is Miss Mccarthy’s religion and like all fanatics* she seeks to usurp the power of the state to impose her beliefs on others.  Which is, if you weren’t paying attention, despicable.

*Just to be clear I am not in any way anti-religion, I am however anti fanatic who seeks to impose their views through force, fraud or coercion.

What Does A Dissent* Into Savagery Look Like?

Why, here ya go!

John Dick said when he updated the business’ Facebook page a few weeks ago, the store was enjoying 5-star endorsements. This week, the business’ rating plummeted.

“I’m like ‘Wow, what did I do?'” said Dick. “I must have made someone really mad. It was just a bunch of one star ratings by seven or eight different people.”

Kristina Foley, along with other friends and customers, defended the butcher online and realized most of the critics were from out of state. The reviewers seemed to be part of an organized attack with a purpose.

“When you looked at their pages, they’re all vegans,” said Foley. “And I’m like that’s not fair. You need to let people know your personal agenda is your personal agenda.”

It turns out those vegans had a beef with anyone trying to call them out. They started posting disturbing photos on the store’s Facebook timeline, then targeted the customers, like Jenny Lona. She said they reposted her photos, commenting she must look old from eating meat. *snip*

Foley showed us they even went as low to repost photos of her son, calling him “inbred.” *snip*

The butcher isn’t a stranger to these types of attacks. Animal rights activists vandalized Golden Steer Choice Meats repeatedly in 1996.

I find Veganism to be a particularly stupid and brutal religion filled with almost unbearably self righteous prigs who prattle on and on about ‘eating naturally’ whilst rejecting the very thing people have eaten since, well, forever — Meat!

In our years doing the diet one of the more eye opening and mildly amusing/horrifying trips we would make were to so-called ‘health food’ shops.  Which we took to calling Alchemy shops due to their hilarious habit of selling ridiculous overpriced ‘Incan Superfoods’ that typically turn out to be nothing more than brightly colored carbs for gullible rubes.

Want a real superfood?  It’s located at the butcher shop!

I hear the Golden Steer is pretty good.

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  • Title pun courtesy of Michelle, please kindly direct all praise and/or brickbats in her direction!